Installation & Compatibility

What is the ergRemote?

It doesn't row for you, but it does give you control of your audio while on the erg. 

    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down
    • Play/Pause
    • Next Track
    • Previous Track



The ergRemote is currently compatible with Concept2's Model D/E handle.  Designs are on the drawing board for older Concept2 handles as well as for WaterRowers.

The ergRemote has been tested with both iOS (12+) and Android (10+) devices without the need for an app.


  1. Place your ergRemote over the center of the erg's handle,
  2. slowly rotate the handle upside down (being careful not to twist the chain), 
  3. securely fasten the velcro strap over the handle's webbing.

ergRemote Installation